Northshore Shopping Center
Peabody, Massachusetts

This site is dedicated to the patrons, former employees and anyone else who remembers with excitement and joy this little amusement park that delighted so many people from 1958 to 1973

Salem News Photograph January 6, 2006
Are you a former employee or patron (or customer or . . . .) of Kiddie Towne ?

  Do you have any stories (of course you do) of your days at Kiddie Towne ?

 Do you have any photographs of the park that we could use on this site ?

 If so please email them to memories@kiddietowne.org or use the memory form.

This article about Kiddietowne appeared in the January 6, 2006 edition of the Salem  News and this one was in the October 5, 2006 edition of the Boston Globe.

cakesmall Pictures from the October 7, 2006 Kiddie Towne Reunioncakesmall




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 Employees Page

Including a special page of John Hanley's photos


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** Thank you to Mike and Nancy Yodlin who allowed us to scan some pictures and place them on the site.  Go here !  **
**  Former employee, Ross Bulmer, wrote a terrific article on his remembrances.  It is special !  Read it here. **

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